Coming Apart


This piece is done purely from the imagination. It’s an early work in oils and does indeed reflect a time when everything had come apart in my life. I love that while all the blue chunks are being washed out to sea (or space) in various currents, you also suspect that with time, most of the pieces will find themselves washed up together on a new shoreline. This was my interpretation upon finishing, anyway. While in progress, I hadn’t the slightest idea, I just followed the brush where it took me. This powerful piece is medicine for the disintegration/reintegration process and represents the energy, hope, and beauty needed in the creative process. This piece is shown here vertically, but I love it either way, and when you purchase a wrapped print it will come ready to hang both vertically or horizontally. If you’re interested in the horizontal orientation, just reverse the measurements shown here. Price remains the same.