Rolled Canvas

Canvas is loose with a 2.5-inch edge of white all around. Arrives rolled in a tube, or flat in a box for smaller orders. 

Wrapped Canvas

Canvas is stretched onto 1.5-inch-thick stretcher bars. Can be framed if you like, or is ready to hang as is for a contemporary look. 

Inca Trail


Walking the quarry trail in Ollantaytambo, Peru, took us under this magical Polylepis tree growing along the Urubamba River. At 9000 feet elevation, there are very few trees, and this one, with its gnarled moss-covered red branches reaching out from the shadows (everything you see here is one tree), took me right into fairytale land. I used rich expressive brushstrokes and a palette of golden and cool greens to reconstruct one of the rarest and strangest trees on the planet. 

Choose from a variety of print sizes and styles to best suit your decor and budget.