Incarnation of Woman


This is the dreamscape de rĂ©sistance in my Magical Realism period. I call it the Incarnation of Woman because in this style of art, I do not purposefully paint anything, I find what is there. And there she was, this woman, or I should say Woman, big and bold, containing all the worlds. Her hands hold adders and wolves, her swinging belt holds the ancestors from the cradle of humanity, below her skirt lies the unconscious self, the dreamer dreaming the dream — as well as new life. Around the edges, are Runic characters that tell her story even more. This unique highly-textured piece is quite dimensional with lots of raised surfaces. In considering a reproduction, please know that all the dreamscape pieces (and all artwork created pre-2013) were scanned on an immense ‘Cruise Scanner’ in Los Angeles, literally the biggest and best scanner in the US. The detail and resolution of the dreamscape prints is amazing and the texture and dimensionality come through in incredible accuracy.