Rolled Canvas

Canvas is loose with a 2.5-inch edge of white all around. Arrives rolled in a tube, or flat in a box for smaller orders. 

Wrapped Canvas

Canvas is stretched onto 1.5-inch-thick stretcher bars. Can be framed if you like, or is ready to hang as is for a contemporary look. 

Still Alive with Apple Blossom


XL prints up to 100″ wide now available!  For price, email here with print name & desired size. 

About this Artwork

This first spring that I was using oils, I arranged some apple branches in this Chinese vase and decided to paint a “still life” (or in this case, a “still alive”). This richly-textured painting was done during my martial arts phase. I was a third-degree black belt in Taekwondo and winner of three national gold medals in sparring, and occasionally used Kanji characters to add messages to the work. On this painting they read, “At the foot of a lighthouse it is dark. Be gentle with yourself and others.” (I should have added, “or I’ll kick ass”.) This powerful piece is both Zen and energized with impasto brushstrokes on the background and foreground which offset the serenity of the blossoms.